What a beautiful shot :) #bodyimage #breastcancer #mastectomy…

Source: What a beautiful shot 🙂 #bodyimage #breastcancer #mastectomy…


The Safety of Nudity

The term “fashion victim” conjures up images of people shopping till they drop, of clothes mavens obsessed with the latest looks and labels. But sometimes the phrase is literal. The new book “Fashion Victims: Dangers of Dress Past and Present” (Bloomsbury) by Alison Matthews David, offers a deadly tour of fashion history: from diseased uniforms to poisonous pigments, flammable skirts and more. Here, some of the biggest sartorial tragedies of all time.


Why I’m Getting Naked

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It’s not an easy task to feel Right in a world that body-shames and slut-shames and shame-shame-shames everyone into feeling deeply, inherently wrong. But I’ve always had very strong feelings about natural, real-life nakedness. I think it’s an epic travesty that our culture doesn’t support it. There’s something inherently wrong to me about clothes being the default. I like clothes, don’t get me wrong. I like style, and I like being warm, and there’s no effing way I would ever sit my bare naked ass on, say, a NYC subway seat. But I also think that a huge amount of our cultural issues with body shaming and distorted body image can be traced back to how uncomfortable we are with real, natural nakedness.

Practicing Wicca In The Nude Provides More Power For Your Rituals

Whether you practice Gardnerian Wicca or not, being naked or skyclad adds an element that provides so much more power during rituals when you have male and female hormones together at their peak for a period of time. This is great for raising a cone of power or creating a servitor, egregore, entity, ect.Performing a ritual skyclad also allows the body to connect directly to nature. Clothing as well as shoes can inhibit the earths natural magnetic energies from interacting with your own energy field or aura. If you do have to wear your clothes at least make sure you are only wearing natural fibers as synthetic fibers will greatly effect a person in a negative way and if possible take your shoes off. This also goes for wearing clothing in your mundane life as well. 



The Power of Nudity II

Wicca is not alone in extolling the virtues and benefits of ritual nudity, but it is possibly the most thought of path when we envision naked spirituality. For many, stepping out of our clothing and stepping into sacred space as naked as we were born is a form of rebirthing ourselves into the sacredness of our lives over and over again. But let’s not be naive, nudity may relieve us of our clothing and still add layers to our psyche. Nudity can furnish us with challenges from body issues and self-consciousness, or gender, sexuality and identity concerns, to reliving the trauma of assault and rape. To be naked in ritual is to be vulnerable and exposed, and for some people this does not make a sacred space – in fact it may not even make a safe space. The act of letting go of our clothes, stripping away our perceived identity, dropping the roles we take on in daily life and simply being in our skin can be a powerful tool of transformation and growth; but it is only a tool. When used carefully and with compassion it can be the skilled tool of the surgeon, exposing our issues one layer at a time, stripping us down to truth and bone and blessing; when used with expectation and dogma it can be the blunt hammer upon anvil, creating change through force.
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