Acceptance 102

Tahoe Nude Beaches—5 Things I Learned from my Trip to the Naked East Shore.

As soon as the bikini was off and the birthday suit was on, I was overcome by a newfound sense of freedom. Words can’t even begin to describe the cathartic nature of being fully exposed.

It’s not just a bathing suit you’re shedding. It’s a pile of fears, insecurities, and weird-head-spaces that you’ve clung onto for years. The physical action only represents a more grandiose, metaphorical one.

Plus I had my own body-image issues to face.

If I had four words to describe my body type, it would be: Sponge-Bob Square-Pants.

Basically, I look like an apple perched on two toothpicks. Skinny arms, skinny legs, and a prominent center.

But as soon as the bathing suit was removed and the apple was set free, my internal freak-out dissipated into thin air.

It was as though I had joined a club—a club of people with the courage to be completely real with not only themselves, but everyone around them.

And that’s when I realized my second lesson: Vulnerability is hard. It takes courage to reveal our imperfections, but it’s what connects us to each other.

Nobody can relate to perfection. Everybody can relate to the struggle.

When we see others own up to their own messy, imperfect realities, it’s refreshing. It makes us feel comfortable and connected, and inspires us to do the same for ourselves.

It’s honesty in action.

—By Laura Van Antwerp—

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I love it when a talented writer shares their first nudist experience with us. They put the feelings that so many of us have into words of a quality I can’t achieve. Thanks Lauratumblr_n4n299ZDoX1tsehd7o4_500


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