A Better World through Nudity II

Based on the present findings, it seems reasonable to suggest that individuals who are comfortable and accepting of social nudity tend to be relatively less religious, more politically liberal, and more open to sexuality than individuals who are less accepting of social nudity. Also, those who are comfortable with social nudity tend to be more accepting of their bodies’ appearances and more tolerant of religious and sexual minorities, and to some degree, of ethnically dissimilar others, compared with individuals opposed to social nudity. These findings add to the scant empirical literature on attitudes about nudity and contribute to the creation of a fuller picture of those who are comfortable with social nudity. Anecdotally, vocal opponents of social nudity commonly argue their position on this matter with moral superiority, yet these results suggest that opponents to social nudity may actually be more prejudiced against social and religious groups that are dissimilar from their own group membership(s) than those who are more accepting of social nudity. Increased tolerance toward diverse social groups that is possibly manifested by pro-nudity people is more in line with the ideals of a democratic and pluralistic society and better serves the interests of a multicultural nation such as the United States.

Source: http://www.thefreelibrary.com…The Journal of Sex  Research, July 1, 2008



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