The Intimacy of Nudism

For me an important aspect of being nude in a social setting is what I refer to as the intimacy of nudism. I don’t mean sexual intimacy, nudism is not sexual, but rather a form of personal intimacy.Being nude in the presence of another human being can be a very powerful experience. Letting go of embarrassment, and shame, and sexual thoughts, all of the things we are taught to associate with nudity, we connect with others in a more meaningful way. In our nude state we are reduced to our most basic essence. When we remove our clothing we remove our affectations of status, our costume of identity, the mask we present to the world.

When I am nude before you, it is more than just a body on display. More than just assorted parts. It is all that I am. All that the rest of the world does not get to see. All that I am told I must hide. All of my flaws. All of my perfection.

It’s a bond of trust, like a secret shared with a best friend. It is a beautiful moment, pure, and honest. And I am sharing this with you, as you share in turn with me.


#nudism #naturism


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