But officer, It’s just a cancer treatment 

As was commonly believed in ancient Greece, modern medical researchers now agree that moderate sun exposure during safe hours is essential for optimal health. Hippocrates prescribed sunbathing for his sun cure. Herodotus said, “Exposure to the sun is highly necessary for persons whose health is in need of restoring.” The Greeks practiced “aerination” or the exposure of the nude body to sunlight, specifically on beach sand.
“Okay,” you might say, “I agree. There is nothing harmful if I sunbathe in moderation during safe hours, but do I have to take off all my clothes?” Dr. McFadden insists that cancers of the breast, prostate, reproductive organs and colon are caused when these vital organs are not exposed to the sun and air.

Benefits to baring it all? Certainly, stranger things are possible.

From: Nude sunbathing

August 10, 2013Beauty and Appearance, Healing, Lifestyle, Natural therapies, Skin

by Wayne H. Purdin —



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