Unnatural Fear of the Human Body

a small person

American culture, especially on the more conservative side, has borrowed a lot from the example of the Puritans and other intense religious groups in how they treat the human body. I think the core ideas of such an ideology are closely related to issues like body shaming, sexual obsession and violence, and the fear of nudity. It all comes down to how we treat sexuality, which has been unfairly linked to the natural state of having no clothing on.

One of the inspirations for this article was a comment by a woman who was upset about the push to allow transgender students in school to use the restroom matching their identified gender. She made one statement that made me laugh and then feel kind of sorry for her kids. She was talking about how she didn’t want a transgender guy (physically female) using the same locker room as her son, and…

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Thoughts on the future of nudism

Catholic In The 21st Century

Some thoughts on the future of nudism:

Nudism will always be a thing: There will always be people who choose to go naked in a non-sexual context.

The reason why is because every person has a body.


There are people who, for one reason or another, from time to time, choose to not put clothes on that body.

Not everyone will live the nudist lifestyle. There are people who, for one reason or another, do not find going naked appealing.

From talking with people on this blog since late November, 2015, I have discovered that a quality that I like about people who live the nudist lifestyle is their love for, and acceptance of, others.

I feel like nudists, living their life implicitly saying “This is me! See me and love me for all that I am!” by choosing to not wear clothes — by choosing to show all of themselves…

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Why Some Parents are Afraid of Bare-Chestedness

We all carry so much mental baggage. Thanks for you caring and patient understanding. Joe


DC HSF 4 National Mall, Washington D.C., Fall 2015

I have spent a lot of time studying fear and anxiety, both generally and how it relates to normalizing female bare-chestedness.

I traveled to New Hamphire this week to attend the trial of the women who asked to be cited after police officers asked them to cover their breasts at a Gilford town beach.

Two witnesses testified that they were mothers and were offended on behalf of their and other children.  One said she was offended in her own right, and didn’t want her son to see breasts.

I also just watched poorly made news footage from Woodlawn Beach in Buffalo where women have apparently been going bare-chested with some regularity (according to the hyperbolic reporting) and they managed to find an offended mother who said she was totally fine with topless sunbathing, just not in front of her daughter.

And of course I have heard…

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