I Love to be Naked

By Brent Kincaid


I love to be naked

Where nobody cares

About my fashion

Or who cut my hair.

I love being where

Many nudists are at.

They don’t call me names

Like Littledick and Fats.
I enjoy being out there

In the nature of life

Without any kind of

Negative social strife.

Nudists seem to accept

What the other person is

With a face full of scowls

Or some kind of quiz.
And aging for nudists

Is not a thing of shame.

Outside we grow different

But inside we’re the same.

We are still the people

Who enjoy living free.

And often that means

I don’t want clothes on me.
So, I will get naked often,

Really, every chance I get

And it might help you to

Accept that and not forget

That we were born naked;

Clothes may not be needed.

So maybe we can rethink

The rules we’ve always heeded?



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