Take off all your clothes

Source: jay-feel on tumblr
Take off all your clothes. Shed the material garments altering your perception of this reality. She’d the material garments distracting Your authentic self from seeing the truth. The Truth of this existence. We came into this world as naked humans. Pure souls now merged within this material body. A continuation of consciousness. Born with divine love in our hearts. Conceived out of loving action. Provided with a new opportunity. To become our greatest versions. Only through agreements, we humans accepted fear into our lives. Through agreements, we humans began to believe the lies. The lies taught to create the illusion of separation. We made agreements to accept the labels and the programming. The time is now to return to the truth. To choose love over fear. To remember that we are one. Created from the same source. The time is now to let go of past agreements that no longer serve you, others or this planet. The time is now to let go of judgement. To let go of attachment to any negative or unhealthy habits. As you hold your naked body, close your eyes and return to the womb. Remembering that the source of all love begins within you. Accepting all that you are. Accepting all that you have experienced. Open your eyes and gaze at your soft skin. Feel the unconditional love you have for yourself, as you make a new agreement. Agree to love yourself 100%. To honor and respect yourself. To practice extreme self love every mOMent. To love every inch of your body. Every little hair and wrinkle. This love will heal all wounds. This love will ripple the fabric of this reality. This love in action will create happiness. This love in action will end all suffering.✨


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