Watchful Waiting 

Here is the latest update on my cancer. As you see from my data below, I remain in the “watchful waiting ” phase and I hope to hang out here for a few more years.  

The definition of active multiple myeloma is:
 1.) Clonal bone marrow plasma cells ≥10%, mine was 13% percent on 12-2014 


 2.) any one or more of the following CRAB features or myeloma-defining events:


· Hypercalcemia: serum calcium greater than 11 mg, mine is in low 9’s

· Renal insufficiency: creatinine clearance greater than 2.00, mine is 1.09

· Anemia: hemoglobin value less than 100g, mine is 147

· Bone lesions: one or more osteolytic lesion on skeletal radiography, CT, or PET/CT. I had no lesions when full MRI was done 12/29/14. We will do an updated bone survey in 2017.

· 60% or greater clonal plasma cells on bone marrow examination, my percentage was just 13% when diagnosed in December of 2014.

· Serum involved / uninvolved free light chain ratio of 100 or greater, mine last month was 14.

· More than one focal lesion on MRI that is at least 5mm or greater in size. None for me

All of the data above is favorable and indicates my myeloma does not warrant treatment at this time. However, the bad guy cells remain active in my bones.  My type of myeloma is IgG, where my G immunoglobulin continues to grow. The pace remains moderate but steady.  This trend line would indicate that treatment might wait another 2 or 3 years. Most of my IgG is diseased and no use to my immune system. Of further concern are my low IgA and IgM levels. My immune system is compromised. If I avoid recurring bacterial infections, we can sail on. So far so good there, but we must watch.


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